1985 Pontiac Fiero Shift Mechanism Rebuild | Saturday Projects

For those that are looking to do this on your own Fiero, I want to firstly apologize for not including the complete steps needed for removal. Basically, the entire center console has to be removed (center piece, back piece, and front piece) in order to get access to the center console "skeleton", which has to be removed next. To do that, it's just a few bolts here and there, but the radio does have to be completely removed and the climate controls unbolted and slid back through the skeleton. It's honestly very easy, but can definitely be overwhelming going into it.


Here's that Gasket video I mentioned:


Татаж авах


  • i seen a few things u could have done to improve the job.. 1 add some shims to take up the slack on the shift rod & ball shaft.. i would have put a washer at the end of the shaft between the e-clip and bracket, also get a plastic push plug (the red plastic caps/plug) cut a slit for the shaft and drop it in actuator where the ball goes into to take up the side to side and foward and back slack in the stick for more positive shifting..

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  • Don't know why, but a satisfying video...Thanks

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  • Wow this cleaning project is sooo relaxing and attention to details amazing.

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  • Great work. Normally I hate 80s disco you-know-what-ing music, but, for this vehicle's journey, it's completely appropriate and I congratulate you! I would've gotten the plastic bellcrank scanned in so at least at some later date you could get it reproduced... my 2c' worth.. worth 2 cents.

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  • Rock monsters. 😂😂😂

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  • Just FYI. If you are wondering what the music is at 3:37 is it called ''you have done well'' by ' They dream by day'

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  • You opened the door to the "other dimension" where things get lost in cars.

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  • Can we get merch the says "That looks pretty damn good" ?

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  • Dude! :)

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  • super super video you did a really fantastic job

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  • You're getting better at this.

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  • Generously applying the leftover Thanksgiving cranberry sauce I see...

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  • Man's got great work ethic on the blaster

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  • Whens the next video?!?!?!!? I'm dying over here.

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  • When this series started I had my heart set on getting a Fiero. I absolutely loved them. Over time my inter3st has died down and its more of a maybe than a must. These videos coming out remind me of the fiero passion, albeit brief, I had. I still want an 88 Formula myself

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  • you know what I cant figure out is why when you had the engine in pieces; you didnt put a high lift cam and or make the 2.5(Iron Duke) engine have a lot more pep? i can understand keeping it stock but there were options given the parameters of that engine's design, like even a radical heads, maybe someone makes a fuel injection/ carb unit that maximizes an air to fuel ratio? There were other options as well like put a hot rodded 2.8 Fiero engine in it and try to see what are the limitations of this car's creation. I kind of want it it to be better than a Toyota MR2 and maybe make it a secret Corvette challenger.

  • Throw us a bone Ron, you're killing us!

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  • Never thought I’d think to myself “I’m in the mood for some Ronald Finger” but here I am.

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  • awesome job! explained well! i think the plastic might be better made of aluminum.

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  • I'm sure you've seen this, but Wow! The last Pontiac Fiero ever built has been sold for $90,000 www.foxnews.com/auto/last-pontiac-fiero-sold-90000

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  • This is probably the most thorough car restoration ever done.

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  • For Ronald Finger mnthe.info/bill/video/caugtXjTlKCdaqI

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  • mnthe.info/bill/video/caugtXjTlKCdaqI

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  • MNthe unsubbed me from you, I was 8 months behind!

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  • Look at it this way. Now you only paid $98.95 for the Fiero. 🤑

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  • I like the side project videos in between the full length Fiero build videos. This was great and comical as always.

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  • Is there any reason you didn't consider doing a shifter rebuild kit by Rodney Dickman? I know I did it when I had my 93 Sunbird, and hooboy, the difference in how the shifter felt after that little project!

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  • I would love to see Ronald restore my 1981 Honda GL500 Interstate........ Nice!

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  • Little trick to get the slop out. Douse crazy clue while connected. After firmly drying, wiggle the connection to break free. Most, if not all, of the glue should stay on the plastic. Then add thin layer of grease.

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  • You putting it back together gave me woody getting restored vibes

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  • 12:23 The doctor before my prostate exam

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  • Do you have a playlist available (spotify/MNthe) of the awesome 80's music you use in your videos ?

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  • WD40 coat the shaft and ball. Let it dry then put a light grease on it. Matt paint looked good on the shifter shaft.

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  • Oh shiz, i haven't thought about micro machines since the 90s

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  • It’s a time capsule under that mechanism.

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  • Holy lord, a balloonshop reference

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  • You better clean up and restore that micro machine! 😉

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  • I love how the guy that was not even going to clean off the bolt heads or paint them or anything, is now disassembling his shifter for no particular reason other than he could make it nicer...

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    • I love how the guy that was not even going to clean off the bolt heads or paint them or anything, is now disassembling his shifter for no particular reason other than he could make it nicer...

      sho Torsho Tor3 сарын өмнө
  • I woulda made some kind of bearing and inserted into that bell crank housing 👍.

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  • I bought a brand new 1985 2M4 and loved everything about the car except for the shifter. Great videos!

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  • Ronald: I want to compliment you on the positive growth of your presentation skills since the first couple videos. I'm really enjoying this resto.

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  • No chance you could have found an NOS replacement for that ball socket?

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  • I remember the first video you made in this series.... The Fiero has come a long way! Hats off to you!

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  • I hate when Resolve does that...

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  • Another excellent video Ronnie. If you want a new project, I've got a 69 Suzuki T125 Stinger in the garage.

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  • When I first read the title, it looked like “shifter” had two “t”s instead of an f. Snicker.

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  • Does anyone else call this restoration "The Fingero"?

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  • Man, I hope that Fiero is just a tenth as good to you as you've been to her. That's been an amazing aventure, a true labor of love. Absolute congratulations for you my dude !

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  • The fact that this part will not be seen and is already working okay shows your seriousness to detail. Just because it works and no one sees it doesn't mean it wont hurt to put a little extra attention in it. Have watched and enjoyed all your videos on the Fiero.

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  • The fact that this part will not be seen and is already working okay shows your seriousness to detail. Just because it works and no one sees it doesn't mean it wont hurt to put a little extra attention in it. Have watched and enjoyed all your videos on the Fiero.

    Charlie BrownCharlie Brown3 сарын өмнө
  • "scope creep the movie" 🤣😂🤣😂

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  • Fun Fact: Micro Machines 57' Chevy worth more than completed Pontiac Fiero being restored.

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  • Dude this series WAS cool till he started to get SPONSORS.... Now its a bunch of filler, to wait for the last presentation of the finished project. Come on already.

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  • Loose to a Prius.... lofl scary but possibly true

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  • "Local MNther Ronald Finger forgoes the Shaft to work the Ball."

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  • great work man! keep the fiero projects coming

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  • I love how inspiring yet nostalgic this music is. Makes me feel like I'm at the end of a great journey and I am getting flashbacks of all the great memories leading up to it.

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  • Good old Resolve with it's "Media offline" shenanigans :D

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  • Looks like you found money in your car as well. I found maybe around 20 cents in my Fiero, nothing new but money had paid me to work on this project!

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  • The white plastic part can be restored using the UV light method - seen countless Playstations / Nintendos / Gameboys be brought back to brand new.

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  • Love this series. So well thought out and honest with showing mistakes..keep up the awesome work Ronald!!

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  • Just an idea, you could use JB Weld on the plastic bit to close up the gap and tighten it on the ball. Just put some on it, then sane to the correct size

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  • Got some of your money back!

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  • He must really appreciate that sand blaster. Makes things a helluva lot easier than trying to do the same job with a wire wheel.

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  • This guy was a watchmaker in a past life.

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  • I like the way you explain things to make it easier for everyone to understand.

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  • There's my favorite fiero getting the love it deserves!

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  • Great video! And you didn't even attempt to make us feel guilty for coming to your channel for Fiero stuff only...

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  • I bet you could actually make a living restoring Fiero parts for enthusiasts

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  • on this installment of Saturday Projects - manscaping 9:20

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  • You could have restored the plastic with hydrogen peroxide and a uv lamp

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  • Hey Ronald, how did you address the side to side slop? (gap between ball and plastic. I was thinking it requires a filler material to shim the ball, and it's receiver. Thoughts would be to coat ball in epoxy layers, or dip into some molten hdpe. Perfect roundness doesn't appear to be a requirement. Anyhoo, very entertaining as always. Reminds me of my constant upkeep of my 1987 GTA, when I was younger. The endless nature of 80's GM. ;) Should last a good bit in TX.

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  • Knowing that you put that much effort into the shifter, and that the plastic (even though it's not visible) is so discolored... That would drive me absolutely bonkers.

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  • excellent results , keep up the great work

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  • Im working on a 1980 international scout and I wish I hand this much detail in my restoration

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  • Where can I get the e-ring for the bell crank? My 85 GT’s is missing.

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  • I think you mean "E-Clip", not "E-Ring".

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  • When buttersnaps appear, peaches no longer interest me.

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  • Love this series!! Some resto-brite might take care of the discoloration on the plastic there. I’ve seen it used a lot in old computer plastics restorations. Not sure how it affects the strength of the pieces, but they come out looking very sharp.

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  • I found this video very relaxing. especially the music. I went to bed after watching.

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