Bye Bye Bunk Bed | Saturday Projects

I've had this thing for quite some time now. It's about time I get rid of it. I hope nothing spooky happens when I do.

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  • fuck man i wasnt ready to cry today

    Savannah FingerSavannah Finger2 жилийн өмнө
    • @Ronald Finger words of wisdom

      Logan BlackLogan Black10 сарын өмнө
    • That's when the cry is best though, when you're not ready for it

      Ronald FingerRonald Finger2 жилийн өмнө
  • 001

    Sebastian MSebastian M25 өдрийн өмнө
  • The end of an Era.

    Eric OrtizEric OrtizСарын өмнө
  • The unofficial first fiero video

    Luke DoneganLuke DoneganСарын өмнө
  • Sgt. Roos, John T. (Ret.) I'm an old 'F#ck', 55 yrs old, but this journey in the restoration means so much for us too!:) Take as long as you want, to complete it... Semper Fidelis

    John RoosJohn Roos4 сарын өмнө
  • Dude!

    Paul BarwickPaul Barwick5 сарын өмнө
  • Great video work. Blaire witch style

    Scott SowderScott Sowder6 сарын өмнө
  • dude I don't understand why bunk beds are so negative...u get Soo much space with hunk beds...u got somewhere to sleep and a place to store stuff

    CrossCross6 сарын өмнө
  • wow when I look back on how long I have been watching this channel and how far you have come its amazing

    maldo72maldo727 сарын өмнө
  • you pulled the vcr out and looked at it like it was from a lost civilization XD

    Logan BlackLogan Black10 сарын өмнө
  • Bruh I had this same bed frame

    S550 How To’sS550 How To’sЖилийн өмнө
  • That's a weird looking Fiero. Edit: OK. THAT looked like a Fiero.

    Joey MJoey MЖилийн өмнө
  • Ahh this is a continuation of the Iron Man helm video narrative. The phone call was referring to the video segment. March 23 2002.

    Outta da BlueOutta da BlueЖилийн өмнө
  • I hadn’t watched this video or many of your other non Fierro videos till now. You are genuinely really fun and have great idea and I’ve loved watching your old videos and can’t wait to see what you do after the Fierro. I’m up in Arlington, Texas next to Dallas and they do a ton of car shows up here maybe after paint and corona you could check some of those out. It would be nice to see the car in person

    Will SmithWill SmithЖилийн өмнө
  • what in the name of Paid Programming...

    ShadowcasterZeroShadowcasterZeroЖилийн өмнө
  • Don’t take the ring Ronald. And avoid old ladies named Mrs Tremond or Mrs Chalfont.

    joseph racerjoseph racerЖилийн өмнө
  • ronald im gonna have to ask u to please do more of these and never stop

    Sebastian MSebastian MЖилийн өмнө
  • Damn! You’re REALLY good at this stuff! I don’t even know you or your family but you crammed so much love and emotion into that. You’re an excellent human. Don’t ever stop doing this.

    nikcodlingnikcodlingЖилийн өмнө
  • Semi-Private Shame, I still miss my bunk bed. That was a really cool twist.

    Buhlou BearBuhlou BearЖилийн өмнө
  • Yeah so i thought this was a new video, and i was like «wait, he’s done with his fiero? But the paintjob...» Then it hit me

    Simon AarekolSimon AarekolЖилийн өмнө
  • fuck me. Got this vid in my feed today, not realising that it's a older one. The timejumps melted my brain

    VitukexeVitukexeЖилийн өмнө
  • Just saw this. Up until now I've only seen the Fiero series videos. I wasn't really interested in watching you take apart a bunk bed but it turned out to be a pretty good (and trippy) video!

    C3MIC3MIЖилийн өмнө
  • I have the same

    David NuñezDavid NuñezЖилийн өмнө
  • You've got a talent for videography & story-telling. Maybe there is a little M. Night Shyamalan in there to be released one day?!

    Jason TurnerJason TurnerЖилийн өмнө
  • Where it all began........

    Gear Up SurvivalGear Up SurvivalЖилийн өмнө
  • I found your channel after you posted the first Fiero video. And since then I went and watched a lot of your videos, and after they all added up to this I've gotta say. Well done. I've probably said it before, but you are one of the most talented content creators that I've ever seen. You've got some serious talent man, it inspires me how well you use it.

    Josh RJosh RЖилийн өмнө
  • NO ! Thank you for making these funny video's ,,

    Kevin PitreKevin PitreЖилийн өмнө
  • This video just tripped me out so hard.

    Killer SleeveKiller SleeveЖилийн өмнө
  • Do you do your music? It sounds ace.

    Alistair CrossAlistair CrossЖилийн өмнө
  • Your videos are spectacular! I'm 45 years old. Your a great mechanic and restorationist. I'm just blown away at the amount of time and money and effort you've put in into this.

    IronMynoIronMynoЖилийн өмнө
  • Oculus rift controllers hell yea

    Collin PhillipsCollin PhillipsЖилийн өмнө
  • very good video ronald

    William MememanWilliam MememanЖилийн өмнө
  • For someone who never lived during the 80s, you sure capture the spirit of it well. LOVED this video and can't wait to see the completion of the Fiero project!!

    Dana Does StuffDana Does StuffЖилийн өмнө
  • The birth of the Fiero Project!

    Dane HansenDane HansenЖилийн өмнө
  • I started watching randomly when part 1 fiero video came out and I’ve been watching since. But I just watched this one and didn’t realize there was a secret intro to the Pontiac. It was a fun glimpse into the past. Keep up the good work my boy!

    iain gerrardiain gerrardЖилийн өмнө
  • This reminds me of MCM's Electro Space Wizard, stuff happening when you expect it the least

    FilipD.FilipD.Жилийн өмнө
  • This is amazing content and you deserve the exponential viewership growth you're experiencing.

    KCNKCNЖилийн өмнө
  • Kid i wish i had half your motivation. On saturdays all i want to do is sleep. Keep it up

    henrlima87henrlima87Жилийн өмнө
  • Dude, your methodology of filming is great! Thank you for the inspiration and fun. Love the Fiero!

    zigbeedzigbeedЖилийн өмнө
  • yes awesome but ffs im now left with more q's... finish the bunk bed video... what did you replace it with etc ...

    paul holmespaul holmesЖилийн өмнө
    • My dude, the only reason for this video was to announce the Fiero series. The whole bunk bed portion was a jab at people who actually vlog like that.

      Ronald FingerRonald FingerЖилийн өмнө
  • Silly videos?? Your videos are not silly! They are informative, entertaining, and an amazing expression of who you are. I got sucked into this fiero build, and now I can’t wait for each new video to be released. Keep up the amazing work. You are gifted more ways than one.

    Nick AustinNick AustinЖилийн өмнө
  • Cool, this is where you intro'd the Fiero and thus was born a rising MNther. Keep up the good work!

    Ed MunozEd MunozЖилийн өмнө
  • Love your work Ronny

    Andrew HunterAndrew HunterЖилийн өмнө
  • You're welcome.. thanks for entertaining the shit out of me

    winson leatonwinson leatonЖилийн өмнө
  • This is from the future: You're welcome

    RouveriusRouveriusЖилийн өмнө
  • Dude !

    Jonny OliveiraJonny OliveiraЖилийн өмнө
  • Dude!! You're a super talented film maker! keep it up!

    JoelperezidentJoelperezidentЖилийн өмнө
  • 1:32 song name please ^.^

    The DainiusThe DainiusЖилийн өмнө
  • Amazing videos 🤙🏼 wasn’t expecting that

    Derrick SierraDerrick SierraЖилийн өмнө
  • Amazing editing.

    Uriel SalasUriel SalasЖилийн өмнө
  • Are you 20?

    too.hazeytoo.hazey2 жилийн өмнө
  • My first car was a 1987 fiero. Loved watching all four videos. I somehow broke the blinker arm off two times. It sticks out and gets caught on the front pocket of your jeans while getting in... so watch out ! LOL (No idea how such a weird thing could happen twice.)

    Jim TannerJim Tanner2 жилийн өмнө
  • Reminded me of that movie, Project Atlas... Anyone else?

    Laughing PumpkinLaughing Pumpkin2 жилийн өмнө
  • Nice, well put together video.

    gravis346gravis3462 жилийн өмнө
  • quick, hide the porno's under the bed!!

    Steele SmithSteele Smith2 жилийн өмнө
  • I still think you sound and tell stories like the Wonderful Bill Bryson : )

    greggy weggygreggy weggy2 жилийн өмнө
    • PS: that's one of the Highest compliments I can possibly give.

      greggy weggygreggy weggy2 жилийн өмнө
  • Dude you should like try building something solar electric

    Maou_AkuMaou_Aku2 жилийн өмнө
  • i swear that bunk bed is almost exact to mine, could be the same kind. but the bars underneath the twin were breaking so we got rid of ours too : (

    Alexandria ReaAlexandria Rea2 жилийн өмнө
  • Definitely NOT what I was expecting! Your videos are a lot of fun, and seem super authentic!

    Austin EsauAustin Esau2 жилийн өмнө
  • So he's a film producer now. Skinny.

    DJOODIDJOODI2 жилийн өмнө
    • I was a film producer before a car dude. Also what is up with the “skinny” stuff? I saw that in your other comment too

      Ronald FingerRonald Finger2 жилийн өмнө
  • GOOD STUFF!!! Looking forward to the rest of the rebuild. Also, that transition to the project reveal... Very Nice!!! 👌

    PhattyMcdugenPhattyMcdugen2 жилийн өмнө
  • Oh My God! I wasnt ready for cryin.

    Deddy AdrianDeddy Adrian2 жилийн өмнө
  • You've got a talent kid, no doubt about that! Keep up the good work. I'm sure you will be snapped up in no time!

    Maximus CapacitusMaximus Capacitus2 жилийн өмнө
  • dope

    Wayne BristolWayne Bristol2 жилийн өмнө
  • This was epic!

    I_Am_GrantnessI_Am_Grantness2 жилийн өмнө
  • This is to good a film to be named ByeBye bunk bed

    Ted Pollard (Tp Tech)Ted Pollard (Tp Tech)2 жилийн өмнө
  • I subscribe because of the Pontiac Fiero Can we see more please?

    Ted Pollard (Tp Tech)Ted Pollard (Tp Tech)2 жилийн өмнө
  • dude i had same bed in black as a kid. throwback

    Sam i amSam i am2 жилийн өмнө
  • It seems like at this day and age, there would be some way to find where your old car is today. Without getting to intrusive on the owner, but you know, just find out who has, and what shape your old car is in today. Love your project, would really love it if it was the actual one. But none the less, have fun and good luck. Be safe!!

    rondogwilrondogwil2 жилийн өмнө
  • Watched so many of your videos and was greatly confused about all of the intros and scene breaks.. NOW I GET IT

    networkcrashernetworkcrasher2 жилийн өмнө
  • Really liked this. It had a great 80s feel. You have a talent, and a lovely family by the looks of it too :)

    Pig MonkeyPig Monkey2 жилийн өмнө
  • Really confused as to why I just watched someone dismantle a bunk bed

    Mihai RusuMihai Rusu2 жилийн өмнө
    • Mihai Rusu Gotta watch the Fiero videos!

      Julie FingerJulie Finger2 жилийн өмнө
  • He almost looks like pewdiepie when hes on his side view.. And in the dark. Hahaha

    ItsPapaBear05ItsPapaBear052 жилийн өмнө
  • Теперь всё стало на свои места) отличный замысел и сюжет кино

    Hotkey24Hotkey242 жилийн өмнө
  • A film maker and an engineer. The secret is that you have great personal charm.

    fordlandaufordlandau2 жилийн өмнө
  • Love the 80's synth!

    Troy NallTroy Nall2 жилийн өмнө
  • where did you find the epic tunes in the background :)? also pretty cool project

    pontus laurellpontus laurell2 жилийн өмнө
    • Thank me later:

      LucasLucas2 жилийн өмнө

      Douglas CarchrieDouglas Carchrie2 жилийн өмнө
  • just think, all of the videos leading up to this he put time and effort working in some hollywood horror film skits into almost every video leading up to this point, explaining what has been going on in this video, leaving everyone who didn't watch this video confused, just to tell us he bought a fiero. the dedication is real. keep in mind almost nobody watched this video.

    Alex _Alex _2 жилийн өмнө
  • i just found this channel yesterday and I'm loving it keep up the good work Buddy.

    Transformers Legos and moreTransformers Legos and more2 жилийн өмнө
  • i will try to give you a shout out

    Transformers Legos and moreTransformers Legos and more2 жилийн өмнө
  • I need this retrosynth music in my life. Did you make it, or was it found somewhere? Shazam isn't finding any results.

    Jarred HebertJarred Hebert2 жилийн өмнө
  • I don't understand this *at all*, but I know I like it. I subbed after watching parts 1-3 of the Fiero build, this bizarre experience is just icing on the cake

    PKMartinPKMartin2 жилийн өмнө
  • Dude your incredibly creative in film, with cars, and I love your brain. Make more please

    teetee2 жилийн өмнө
  • This video was incredible... I’ve NEVER been more emotionally invested in anything I’ve watched. I don’t know how you did that to me... it’s like you hacked my emotions.

    JosStrangeJosStrange2 жилийн өмнө
  • Great Video! Where are you getting your 80's synth music score?

    OCDobbinsOCDobbins2 жилийн өмнө
  • I am the last of the Mohican's, but I come from a long line of mechanics. Your videos have made me relive my childhood in a few short hours, thank you!

    Donnie DarkoDonnie Darko2 жилийн өмнө
  • May be you should just become a film producer lol jk but this is great stuff man absolutely love your channel and its my fist day here, this is only the 4th video i watch

    Josue DiarteJosue Diarte2 жилийн өмнө
  • I was just going to settle in, and watch Fiero Part IV, but you had just released part III. So, I watched this one. Kind of like that time travel movie I saw. My kids had that exact same bunk bed. They are now 30 and 34. I found all of those fluoride tablets (put them through the small slots near the attachment points in the frame.) they were suppose to take. I gave it to the Goodwill. They loved that thing. I am now going to check out your motorcycle vids. I love motorcycles!

    John BacaJohn Baca2 жилийн өмнө
  • With that white shirt you look just like Dexter Morgan, i just watched the first three video of the Fiero and i cant wait to see it done! Good job mister Morgan!

    0MazdriveR00MazdriveR02 жилийн өмнө
  • Great job with this video! I see a lot of potential in this channel; I've come across several before they made it big, and you've got higher quality and better entertainment then many of them did to get where they are. It's only a matter of time!

    LanthireLanthire2 жилийн өмнө
  • it went from a youtube video to a Hollywood movie. best video on youtube

    German muscleGerman muscle2 жилийн өмнө
  • I’m gonna keep sharing, you’re going to be famous if you keep up this quality of content. I’m blown away!!!

    Derek HolcombDerek Holcomb2 жилийн өмнө
  • I think you're a severely under-watched channel. The creativity and craftsmanship are excellent. I just fixed my dishwasher and printed the sliding sign you designed. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the upcoming videos!

    Doug Layne AndersonDoug Layne Anderson2 жилийн өмнө
    • @Ronald Finger Wait til you hit a million man, It's gonna happen sooner than you think with content as great as this.

      Thomas J RyanThomas J RyanЖилийн өмнө
    • Hey thanks so much! More viewers would be nice, but honestly I put so much work into the videos just because I love making them. I'd be as happy with 100 subscribers as I would be with 100,000. I wouldn't mind the latter though :) But I'm glad you made a sign! It's a super cool feeling knowing people you don't know are making things of mine.

      Ronald FingerRonald Finger2 жилийн өмнө
  • thoroughly entertaining. keep it up man :)

    Andres MarroquinAndres Marroquin2 жилийн өмнө