Engine Bay Overhaul | Ŝ̶͇́â̵͕̰͝t̶̺̅͑̒ȗ̸̖̤̍r̸̨͈̪͔̓̈́͝d̸͉̱̃̑̆ạ̴̝̉̓ý̷̫̲̯ Projects

In this video, the engine bay gets prepared. It's good that that's what I'm doing since after it is prepared, it no longer has to be prepared since, you know, it already is.

Products Used (Affiliate Links):
Heat Shield - amzn.to/2NjfzCn
Insulation Tape - amzn.to/2scidT4
Ground Strap - amzn.to/35KIOnS
My Gear! (Affiliate Links):
Film - amzn.to/30i2hvd
Shop Tools - amzn.to/2FMfXFb
Shop Safety - amzn.to/2tNZvBK

Music in the Video:
-Epidemic Sound

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  • I like your guts and clever stance for a love to Fiero. But You did not restore main body, frame and bolts. I always feel nasty work.

    Kouji KuwanaKouji Kuwana2 сарын өмнө
  • ooohhh my f##kin god is blasphemy --- 2 49 --2 50 ronald you need to find jesus my boy seriously--come on how can you say that

    Jim VogiatzisJim Vogiatzis3 сарын өмнө
  • Your chair🤭🤭

    hardstyle warriorshardstyle warriors3 сарын өмнө
  • I really enjoyed your unintended direction!

    Andre SmithAndre Smith10 сарын өмнө
  • Why does the Video Tital have a strange font? Ŝ̶͇́â̵͕̰͝t̶̺̅͑̒ȗ̸̖̤̍r̸̨͈̪͔̓̈́͝d̸͉̱̃̑̆ạ̴̝̉̓ý̷̫̲̯ is part of the title in 2 videos.

    wolf359lokiwolf359loki10 сарын өмнө

    Krim mohamedKrim mohamedЖилийн өмнө
  • I can't believe you're able to do all this work yourself. It's so inspiring. Thank you

    Joshua VaughnJoshua VaughnЖилийн өмнө
  • Urethane caulk would work really well for that patch you made.

    Paul OgeaPaul OgeaЖилийн өмнө
  • I’ll give $500 for your Fiero..

    Jose MontanoJose MontanoЖилийн өмнө
  • I restore the rear lights of all fieros , easy

  • Yo Ronnie, I recommend silicone fusion tape over electrical tape. It's great stuff, check it out.

    zachabt94zachabt94Жилийн өмнө
  • Seeing that foil insulation reminds me of the space suits they used to wear On Lost in Space. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Even though the chariot was very cool I think your Fiero is cooler!

    Geordo1960Geordo1960Жилийн өмнө
  • Instead of rivets why not 3M body panel adhesive? 1. Strong as a weld 2. water proof 3. silicone will fail. I know i know doing this on the cheap, but Silicone is too cheap. PPL talk about the your work on the Fiero, but i think your video editing skills are whats for sale here ;) Keep up the good work!!

    Dave SlingbartDave SlingbartЖилийн өмнө
  • Your backyard engineering has inspired me to finish up some of my projects I’ve had on hold, waiting for more funds...Keep it up man!

    Mark KirkMark KirkЖилийн өмнө
  • Hey why not tack weld it on and then silicone?

    Judge DillonJudge DillonЖилийн өмнө
  • Its prettier then the rusted fucking hole lol.

    jstar1000jstar1000Жилийн өмнө
  • That Electric Ratchet is a hard worker..

    D AD AЖилийн өмнө
  • I love your videos dude, but one thing in this video that bugs me is that you shouldn't force o-rings into their seating by tightening a bolt as you did in 6:37. A pro mechanic who does videos on youtube (Car Wizard) recommended that you lube the o-ring with some non reactive lubricant (i think he used silicone) and push it in until you feel it snap into place. Just a tip, I would have probably done the same if I hadn't seen the 2 mechanic tips videos from Car Wizard.

    Human SamHuman SamЖилийн өмнө
  • Too bad, such a foul mouth!!!

    Frank DukeFrank DukeЖилийн өмнө
  • You should have used panel bond for that patch job. Seriously though, I get why you said it's fine. But I couldn't help but think of Samcrac's Ferrari when you did that.

    Johann KuhnJohann KuhnЖилийн өмнө
  • I've never seen anyone go through that much effort restoring a car, usually it's just the engine but you go all the way! I'll have to keep this in mind when I buy a project car! I'm learning a lot from your videos, thank you!

    Trevor JonesTrevor JonesЖилийн өмнө
  • You should really replace suspension springs. They might be expensive but while you have car apart, it was worth it.

  • Fucking awesome

    Weeeegh!Weeeegh!Жилийн өмнө
  • Ronnie, is Part 7 coming today? I'm anxiously awaiting. Happy New Year to you and your family!! Thanks again for taking us on this journey!!!

    Haywood JablomeHaywood JablomeЖилийн өмнө
  • Give me ur vids ron

    Lucky DogLucky DogЖилийн өмнө
  • Is it just me or is these videos just really satisfying to watch

    coonyaancoonyaanЖилийн өмнө
  • You scared me a little with that rust hole fix but you're convincing enough to let it slide 🤣

    Project Dan HProject Dan HЖилийн өмнө
  • you are so awesome Ron, love your vids

    David WallaceDavid WallaceЖилийн өмнө
  • It would be a great video if it wasn't for the foul language. Remember, Jesus loves you. Keep up the good work

    C PriceC PriceЖилийн өмнө
    • Pharisaical, sanctimonious, and trivial. Jesus ridiculed such people.

      Todd CarneyTodd Carney6 сарын өмнө
  • Christmas Day huh?

    Austin EdwardsAustin EdwardsЖилийн өмнө
    • 2020

      Ronald FingerRonald FingerЖилийн өмнө
  • @2:23 I was expecting him smashing some eggs into that s*it.

    Mait PetersonMait PetersonЖилийн өмнө
  • "Next video on Christmas day"

    memedealermemedealerЖилийн өмнө
    • Read it again

      Ronald FingerRonald FingerЖилийн өмнө
  • I hope you someday put some custom wheels on it. Hot chickx really like custom wheels.

    MrPotatochips4MrPotatochips4Жилийн өмнө
  • I Love how you do your homework!

    unclejesse1979unclejesse1979Жилийн өмнө
  • were did you buy the thermal insulation tape

    rdash gamingrdash gamingЖилийн өмнө
  • Hell of a job kid... proof your generation isn’t completely ruined, both of my sons are restoring a Jeep and a turbo swapped ‘81 VW Rabbit Convertible respectively in my shop right now!

    Jeremy SmithJeremy SmithЖилийн өмнө
  • Keep these coming! Love it.

    Matthew RuckelMatthew RuckelЖилийн өмнө
  • This is such a fun series. I owned an 88 CRX Si and it was always a lot of fun meeting a Fiero or MR2 on the road.

    Jeff ShannonJeff ShannonЖилийн өмнө
  • They make some other material called boom mat. It is an insulator as well as a sound deader. Also they have a spray liner that is in two different parts or spray them both to do the same thing as the boom mat

    majobismajobisЖилийн өмнө
  • Anyone else thinking that when all the bits and pieces go back together there will be weeks of 'tweaking.' No way this car will run perfect on the first day of reassembly.

    dick clarkedick clarkeЖилийн өмнө
    • It was more like a few days, but yeah it definitely wasn’t perfect at first.

      Ronald FingerRonald FingerЖилийн өмнө

    Franco ForspaniakFranco ForspaniakЖилийн өмнө
  • restaured FORD FALCON SPRINT

    Franco ForspaniakFranco ForspaniakЖилийн өмнө
  • Please change that throttle cable 🙏 Ps we call it “bowden”

    Geri neversleepsGeri neversleepsЖилийн өмнө
  • 3:37 omg Ronnie it’s so sweet of you to tell stories about me!!!!

    Savannah FingerSavannah FingerЖилийн өмнө
  • dude you should not be embarrassed by that patch, that's great work. and as a mechanical engineer myself i can tell you that even if it was a structural panel a strong adhesive and rivets with silicone is perfectly acceptable and actually stronger than a weld. it also will not deform your panel from heat so. great work man. making me want to work on my Fiero project, but gotta finish my RX7 project first.

    Mike LMike LЖилийн өмнө
  • that dust mask isnt gonna protect u from eternal judgment. Jesus is real and will save ur soul if u ask Him

    4thGloryMonday4thGloryMondayЖилийн өмнө
    • Can I have your permission to put this on a shirt?

      Ronald FingerRonald FingerЖилийн өмнө
  • Check it for asbestos mate first

    Andre RamosAndre RamosЖилийн өмнө
  • Who rebuilds an Iron Duke? Put a more fun engine back there...🤣

    Brent BoswellBrent BoswellЖилийн өмнө
  • is the saturday in the title weird for anyone else

    ShenShenShenShenЖилийн өмнө
  • this is so EXCITING

    NubblesNubblesЖилийн өмнө
  • It’s gonna be a good day

    Graham MooneyGraham MooneyЖилийн өмнө
  • I'd subscribe except for your language.

    Scott EScott EЖилийн өмнө
  • A breath of fresh air for the car community on MNthe.

    hitek835hitek835Жилийн өмнө
  • Another fantastic video my friend. You are one of the best youtubers out there. Keep up the great job. I look forward to future videos and a completed project. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    JellyDonutsJellyDonutsЖилийн өмнө
  • Ok, can we address the fact that he kinda looks like PewDiePie from the side? 2:43

    TheCatWithAPlanTheCatWithAPlanЖилийн өмнө
  • English is your second language, right?

    S80 m'lady customsS80 m'lady customsЖилийн өмнө
  • I'm restoring a Pontiac Aztek

    Tucker ChapmanTucker ChapmanЖилийн өмнө
  • I love your videos I started watching your channel at episode one of the Pontiac series I want MORE of this excellent content and I really hope you decide to paint this in the end because the end result will be fantastic also is it too much to ask for a little sooner uploads ik ik your busy with collage in all but it would be amazing

    Craig TwardyCraig TwardyЖилийн өмнө
  • Whoever gets to see this series from start to end without having to wait months for the videos is privileged.

    Tanner DickieTanner DickieЖилийн өмнө
    • @Ronald Finger Ha, no way. These videos are too good to not watch.

      Tanner DickieTanner DickieЖилийн өмнө
    • If you want, you can hold off on watching Part 7, 8, and 9 until Part 10 comes out, that way it’ll be a binge fest, albeit way more waiting involved.

      Ronald FingerRonald FingerЖилийн өмнө
  • Awww man! Its over already ? DANG!

  • ah yes the engine bay...i think its missing something rather important oh yeah the engine! oh yeah dat's um yeah dats a rust hole um cars aren't really meant to have those, granted most of them do thanks to water traps were rain and water from washing can get stuck and has no were to go but yeah i think that's not something you can filler in either, not a bodge but its going to not be there and hidden so unless someone buy this from you and ses it online then i'm sure your fine, its good but its bad but then its not good here "white board appers" there you go now to explane this hay you wake up boy!

    sirmugmansirmugmanЖилийн өмнө
  • Putting this series in my recommended was the best thing MNthe has done for me😂

    Deep_Fried_ MortyDeep_Fried_ MortyЖилийн өмнө
  • I've been waiting for this video for days

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    lilpoindexterlilpoindexterЖилийн өмнө
  • mask upppppppp plsssssssssssss

    Ali AbabwaAli AbabwaЖилийн өмнө
    • yay, you masked up ^_^

      Ali AbabwaAli AbabwaЖилийн өмнө
  • Young man, I am not a Christian, much like you. However, I really find it most offensive when you say, "Oh my fu--ing God!" Some of your subscribers may also find it offensive.

    LarryLarryЖилийн өмнө
  • Love the videos. Keep them coming. Can’t wait to see this thing on the road with a fresh paint job or at least a good polishing and wax job.

    Tim HarringtonTim HarringtonЖилийн өмнө
  • really enjoy your videos. i wish i would have thought of that while i was beginning my diesel swap that turned into a restomod. keep up the strong work, time travel and bloodletting...

    T. DoumitT. DoumitЖилийн өмнө
  • Your music choice is excellent. And, as always, your video is excellent! Well done, sir.

    Yuki TakahashiYuki TakahashiЖилийн өмнө
  • You referenced working on the cruise control and soup can. Is there another video that is coming out that shows what you did with those?

    MathezarTMathezarTЖилийн өмнө
    • No video, but the metal components were just blasted and painted. I didn’t mess with anything electronic

      Ronald FingerRonald FingerЖилийн өмнө
  • Changing from R12 to R134a is not actually an up grade. R134a doesn't cool as well. R12 didn't actually help put a hole in the ozone there was no hole.

    Tigerfire75Tigerfire75Жилийн өмнө
  • oh my god it's an update on the fiero!!!!!! Nice work.

    dan smithdan smithЖилийн өмнө
  • That poor car isn’t such a “poor car” anymore

    Phillip PaikPhillip PaikЖилийн өмнө
  • We're coming up on the end, boys, LET'S GOOOOO

    Tiara AzmalanTiara AzmalanЖилийн өмнө
  • Ronnie should do a Q&A.

    Parker FiskarParker FiskarЖилийн өмнө
  • All jokes aside. That's an awesome repair. Very seriously. Yes welding is ideal. But that looks perfect just the way you made it. Thanks to your engineering that will probably last longer than expected.

    James LaiolaJames LaiolaЖилийн өмнө
  • I have a Pontiac Fiero for sale if anyone is interested. www.cargurus.com/Cars/garage/viewMyListings.action?profileOwner=13115664#/

    Reggie LaxamanaReggie LaxamanaЖилийн өмнө
  • Thank you for my Christmas present!

    George fahrmanGeorge fahrmanЖилийн өмнө
  • Looking good Ronald! Love all the attention to detail!

    Fireship1Fireship1Жилийн өмнө
  • What welder do you have that you have issues with welding metal thats less than .125?

    Adam BahnsenAdam BahnsenЖилийн өмнө
    • @Ronald Finger we all start somewhere. Knowing what machine you have would help with giving you tips on setup and technique. Scrap to practice on goes a long way too, lol.

      Adam BahnsenAdam BahnsenЖилийн өмнө
    • Not the machine welder, but the person welder. I am poo poo

      Ronald FingerRonald FingerЖилийн өмнө
  • Ronald, you need to go with and engine upgrade - here is 385HP Fiero that is fully streetable, gets great gas milage and is a blast to drive! mnthe.info/bill/video/rdGkrajbgIein64

    Toys4Life C5Toys4Life C5Жилийн өмнө
  • I love this Series! Your video production is top notch and im a Big fan of the Fiero.

    Diesel Benz ReviveDiesel Benz ReviveЖилийн өмнө
  • Why us pewdiepie building a fiero

    Thad SartorThad SartorЖилийн өмнө
  • Got a 87 fiero slant back in excellent condition until my dad ran it hot and blew the motor so it got to be pulled. Your engine bay changes are great and will be used on it!

    K. WhiteK. WhiteЖилийн өмнө
  • Can you not simply double tape the foil insulation for sound deadening ?

    Dole BanditDole BanditЖилийн өмнө
  • Love seeing the Fiero series continue! BTW, the one thing that caught my eye was Tony the Tiger 🐯😀! 🏎

    vermaseanvermaseanЖилийн өмнө
  • Fiero project part 6.5?

    Skyler HotchkissSkyler HotchkissЖилийн өмнө
  • I'm 46yrs old now. Can someone please let me out of the basement. I promise I'll be good this time..

    Jonathan TaylorJonathan TaylorЖилийн өмнө
    • But are you still ugly?

      Todd CarneyTodd Carney6 сарын өмнө
  • Glad to see it coming back together. I'm going to give you two pointers but overall you seem to be doing a great! 1) It shouldn't be that hard to couple your A/C lines together. I know this is going to seem wrong, but a light rubbing of silicone grease/oil will help them slid together and wont harm anything. If you're worried it will cause harm, use the proper A/C compressor oil for your car. Just a light coating is all you need to help it slide. >You should never use the bolt to force them together because you'll risk damaging one of the o-rings causing a leak. 2) Rather than use electrical tape to fix the throttle cable, I'd use "F4 Tape Self-Fusing Silicone Tape" (or whatever the other brands call it.) You can buy the brand I mentioned on Amazon but the other brands are at any auto part's store. Just ask for a "self-fusing/sticking tape". This tape will only stick to it's self and it's also stretchable just like electrical tape. >Electrical tape will degrade overtime and leave an unspeakably horrible sticky mess behind. (Anyone who's ever had to repair someone else's car stereo install knows what I'm talking about.) Over all you seem to be putting allot of effort into doing a good job. Keep that up!

    TheTarrManTheTarrManЖилийн өмнө
  • Christmas came early

    RarenRarenЖилийн өмнө
  • Electrical tape, huh? $1 says future you will curse the day you made that decision... Great episode: really bringing it together.

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  • That patch was pretty cool.

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  • Never was a fan of the knotchback.

    PsyrecxPsyrecxЖилийн өмнө
  • Always enjoy watching progress of your Fiero. Keep up the great work!

    BHISAOBHISAOЖилийн өмнө
  • After seeing most other people's kindergarten drawings of stuff on whiteboards, I am amazed to see this art work. Wow!

    holybritchesholybritchesЖилийн өмнө
    • Haha it’s all digital 😉

      Ronald FingerRonald FingerЖилийн өмнө
  • After all that, it's still a Fiero, why in God's name but all that effort.

    SJVChESJVChEЖилийн өмнө
  • Still doing a great job!

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  • finally

  • Seriously nicest guy on earth and best MNthe channel.

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  • I've been following this build for the last year. I hadn't seen any of your videos before the fiero build when it happened to pop up on my recommended. I have to say I thoroughly enjoy your videos and editing skills and whatnot which make them very entertaining. I can't wait for part 7 to come out and see the beast driving again! For a diy project you are doing a phenomenal job and always make me want to tackle projects when my interests start shifting every now and then. 👍

    Joey Henry - Affinity AbstractJoey Henry - Affinity AbstractЖилийн өмнө